In addition to the inherent benefits of HCO’s that enable employers to extend periods of medical control from 30 to 90 or 180 days, CompPartners HCO provides not only employees, but also employers, medical providers and claims service organizations with other substantial benefits.

For injured/ill employees additional benefits include:
• Case managers that serve as patient advocates and improve/simplify communications between all parties
• The choice of multiple certified providers to choose from as opposed to the traditional singular approach
• The delivery of quality medical care is ensured by certified providers (members of the HCO)
• An independent peer review, appeal and grievance resolution system are built-in components

For providers:
• Referrals and authorizations are expedited
• The availability of peers to discuss complex cases is created
• The uncertainty regarding employees’ normal job functions is eliminated and professional assistance is provided to improve disability management coordination
• Payments for services rendered is expedited

For claims service providers/insurance companies:
• The authorization request process on complex cases is simplified
• Excessive and/or unnecessary follow-up is eliminated due to the increased timeliness of report generation for claims professionals
• Real-time medical consultants are available to assist in the overall claims handling process
• Network referrals are simplified

And for employers:
Timely and appropriate medical care for injured employees is assured
• The modified/transitional duty process is enhanced
• Overall workplace productivity is increased
Designed by Michael Frazier