CompPartners offers access to two workers’ compensation PPO’s; a statewide DWC approved MPN and a California State certified Health Care Organization (HCO). Our networks consist of hospitals, primary care physicians and specialists that have experience in workers’ compensation.
COMPPARTNERS HCO PROGRAM: If you would like to request a CompPartners HCO directory of the providers nearest to your particular location, please call 1-877-YOUR-HCO (968-7426).

COMPPARTNERS MPN: The providers listed in the CompPartners MPN listing are deemed in-network providers at the locations listed in the MPN and at no other. The CompPartners MPN directory of providers is available by clicking here:

If you were injured in California and are with a client accessing the CompPartners MPN, and you need assistance in using the Provider Search to locate a CompPartners MPN provider, or scheduling an appointment, please contact the CompPartners MPN Medical Access Assistant Unit.
For a roster of all treating physicians in the MPN, please submit your request along with your contact information to:

MPN Medical Access Assistant (English and Spanish)
CompPartners MPN provides MPN Medical Access Assistant(s) within the United States who are available Monday thru Saturday, 7:00AM to 8:00PM Pacific Time to provide employee assistance with access to medical care under the MPN. The Medical Access Assistant may be contacted via toll free number: 844-898-8444 and email: and via fax: 949-252-2859. Please have your claim number, date of injury, employee’s full name, address and phone number, and employer information.

For general MPN related questions, you may also contact:

MPN Liaison: Gina M. Garcia
Title: Network Services Executive
Telephone Number: (877) 968-7426 Ext. 05021
Email address:
MPN Log ID: 2351

CompPartners accesses independently contracted provider networks through affiliated and other companies, which it makes available by contract to payors of workers' compensation benefits. CompPartners has no control or right of control over the professional, medical judgment of independently subcontracted providers, and is not liable for any acts or failures to act, by independently subcontracted providers. CompPartners is not an insurance company and has no liability for benefits under benefit plans offered or administered by employers or other payors. Any reference in the material to other organizations or companies, including their Internet sites, is not an endorsement or warranty of the services, information or products provided by those organizations or companies.

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