Partner with employers, the medical community and payers to get injured employees the best possible care in the shortest amount of time.

It’s the right thing to do. Doing these things gets injured employees back to work sooner. Turns out it also saves money for employers and payers.

CompPartners’ portfolio of services is based on this simple yet powerful philosophy.

We have proven it works time and time again since our company was founded in 1998.We have established a solid reputation for excellent service and quality results. Our services provide customers with peace of mind and lower overall costs.

It’s quality you can measure.

Now CompPartners has expanded beyond workers’ compensation into group health and other insurance services all with the same goal: Excellent service to our customers and to their customers.

With CompPartners, partner is more than just a part of our name.
It’s how we do business.


Medical Provider Networks (MPN) - California Only
Health Care Organizations (HCO) - California Only
Utilization Review Services
Medical and Disability Case Management Services
Physician Peer Review Services
Workers' Compensation PPO Networks
Medical Bill Review Services
First Notice of Injury Reporting Services
A Workers' Compensation Pharmacy PPO Network
Medicare's Secondary Payor Act
Independent Review (IRO)

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